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  • Why They Can’t Write by John Warner

    Why They Can’t Write by John Warner

    1. For a couple years now, I’ve made it a point to read John Warner’s blog at Inside Higher Ed at least every few weeks, and often much more frequently than that — indeed, these days, I pretty much click over there immediately whenever I learn of a new post. Warner’s writings have been central to changes…

  • New Educations

    New Educations

    1. I survived high school by reading books about education. My mother worked at the local college and was using her tuition benefit to do an M.Ed. Often, I accompanied her to the library. High school was tough for me for all sorts of reasons, not least being that I just wanted to be an…

  • Assigning a Bad Book, Actively

    Assigning a Bad Book, Actively

    At the Chronicle of Higher Education’s Lingua Franca blog, linguist Geoffrey Pullum declares, “We should not be sending students to a text as myopic and antiquated as The Elements of Style, not in any edition.” Pullum has written extensively about the failures of The Elements of Style before, and I have no problem with his criticisms, nor…