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  • MLA 2020: “(Against) The Syllabus as an Instrument of Cruelty”

    MLA 2020: “(Against) The Syllabus as an Instrument of Cruelty”

    At this year’s MLA Convention, I was a member of a great panel discussing “The State of the Syllabus”. It was tremendously well attended, especially for a session on the very first day of the Convention. My contribution was a brief discussion of the syllabus as an instrument of cruelty. (Originally, I proposed it as…

  • Cruelty-Free Syllabi

    Cruelty-Free Syllabi

    This Inside Higher Edarticle about a particularly punishing course syllabus is extreme, but many college professors have policies that are only slightly less extreme, though they may not think of them that way, may not think of them as particularly punishing, certainly don’t think of them as cruel. (I used to have similar, slightly less extreme policies…

  • Pass No Pass

    Pass No Pass

    I’ve turned grades in for this term, so now am beginning to think about my first experience teaching Pass/No Pass courses. As I mentioned back in August (a lifetime ago!), all of the courses in the program I work in now are Pass/No Pass, a concept consistent with the program’s emphasis on open pedagogy and…